BitShares –Zephyr-Bot Proposal (1.14.89)

Author: crypto-solutions


As a self proclaimed “zephyrite” I am one of many that see the Zephyr token as being grossly undervalued. The main reason for this I believe is due to the high volume of tokens not in circulation..

As of the time of writing the current amount of Zephyr Tokens in circulation are 60,238,348.161 (information gathered from The total supply set by the dev at inception is 2,000,000,000 which as you will agree leaves a great deal of tokens still not in circulation … infact, if my maths is correct, only 3% of the total supply is in circulation.

Although there are many elements that determine the price/value of a coin/token the most prominent are;

Total Supply
Amount in Circulation
Amount Traded
Demand to Purchase

The aim of the zephyr-bot is to try to work on all these elements and in doing so increase the market value of the zephyr token.


I’ve created an account zephyr-bot (ID “1.2.849617”). The account is currently under my control, however once this proposal becomes active a multi-sig schema will be set up with 3-4 members from the zephyr community.

The worker will use funds received to purchase Zephyr Tokens from the Bitshares DEX at the market rate, any zephyr bought will stay in the zephyr-bot wallet and the wallet shall be burnt at the end of the workers life (28 February 2019).

Duration and Pay

This proposal will last for 12 months, starting 26 February 2018. The daily pay requested is 115657.96 BTS.

All payments received for the worker will be transferred from my wallet to the Zephyr-Bot wallet where once cleared ALL funds shall be used to purchase Zephyr at the prevailing market rate set at the Bitshares DEX.

Forget the MOON help us take Zephyr to ANDROMEDA! Vote for my proposal and let’s all win!